Advanced Outdoor First Aid Course

Do you work in a remote environment where you need to manage a casualty for a prolonged period of time? Looking to deepen your understanding of first aid? Then our advanced outdoor first aid course is exactly what you are looking for! While it is common to cram this course into two nine-hour days, we have spread it over three days. This will allow you to digest the content, reflect on your experience and enjoy the learning experience!

This course is accredited by ITC First and builds on your existing basic knowledge of first aid. You will need to have completed a 16-hour outdoor first aid certificate before attending this course; however, this certificate doesn’t need to be current. 

This course meets the requirements of the Institute for Outdoor Learning Statement of Good Practice for Outdoor First Aid Training Framework at Band 4. Included in this course is the Celox Academy Controlling External Catastrophic Haemorrhage course. 


Advanced Outdoor First Aid Course Prerequisites

To get the most out of this course, you must have a current and valid first aid certificate with an outdoor element to attend this course. If you don’t have a suitable certificate, then have a look at our outdoor first aid courseforest school first aid, or emergency first aid at work + F.  This is vital to ensure that you have an understanding of the basic concepts which we will build on.

Is the course accredited?

Yes, it is! Our advanced outdoor first aid course is accredited by ITC First and is valid for three years. The course also aligns with the Institute of Outdoor Learning’s Band 4. It’s the perfect ‘next step’ if you would like to develop a deeper understanding of first aid. The course is designed around prolonged casualty management and is perfect if you are expeditioning overseas.

Course Assessment

As the course is a regulated qualification, we gather evidence of a candidate’s learning and development over the course. During the assessment, candidates will demonstrate an understanding of effective first aid practises in emergencies. The assessment requirements for this course include:

  • Practical Assessments: your trainer will carry out ongoing practical assessments throughout the course

Upcoming Dates

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Advanced Outdoor First Aid Course Syllabus

  • The role and responsibilities of a first aider including; minimising the risk of infection, and obtaining consent. 
  • Principles of communicating with rescue services.
  • Common mental health conditions. 
  • Initial Scene survey, including understanding hazards, and mechanism of injury. 
  • The Circulatory System.
  • The Skeletal System.
  • Methods for summoning help when outdoors.
  •  Basic casualty assessment and monitoring techniques including;
    • The Primary Survey.
    • Assessment of vital signs including respiration, circulation, level of responsiveness and pulse oximetry.
    • History taking with a conscious casualty.
    • The Secondary Survey. 
  • Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).
  • Safe Airway/Recovery position. 
  • Management of seizures. 
  • Management of an obstructed airway, including; 
    • Postural drainage.
    • Head Tilt/Chin Lift.
    • Jaw Thrust.
  • Management of bleeding, including; 
    • Structure of blood vessels (capillaries, veins and arteries).
    • Categorisation of the severity of bleeding. 
    • A stepwise approach to the management of bleeding.
    • Management of catastrophic haemorrhage, including; 
      • Pressure dressings. 
      • Haemostats
      • Tourniquets
  • Categorisation and management of ‘shock’, including; 
    • Hypovolaemic shock.
    • Cardiogenic shock.
    • Septic shock. 
    • Neurogenic shock. 
    • Anaphylactic shock. 
  • Minor injuries
  • Environmental factors which could affect casualties. 
  • Common mechanisms of a spinal injury and appropriate first aid treatment. 
  • Removal of Crash Helmets
  • Management of trauma.
  • Common medical conditions. 

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