Celox Academy External Haemorrhage Control- A Stepwise Approach

We are proud to work with Celox Medical to offer you this Celox Academy Course. The Celox Academy External Haemorrhage Control- A Stepwise Approach course is an interactive course. Above all, combining theory and practice to enable emergency responders to recognise and manage catastrophic bleeding. You’ll find this course useful if you work as an event medic, with heavy machinery, chainsaws or are just looking to develop your first aid knowledge.

The Celox External Haemorrhage Control- A Stepwise Approach course will teach you how to recognise and manage severe and catastrophic bleeding in a first aid or prehospital setting. You will learn how the bodies circulatory system transfers oxygen to tissue and organs. Furthermore, how bleeding affects this system and leads to hypovolemic shock.


The Celox  Academy External Haemorrhage Control course provides an overview of the mechanisms that occur in the body while bleeding. In the practical section of the course, you will learn to treat external bleeding using direct pressure, pressure dressings and tourniquets. You’ll also learn the benefits of and how to use a haemostat agent, such as Celox.

Above all, you will learn a structured stepped approach to managing bleeding. This approach has been based on the best current medical evidence and research and the guidance and advice of professional and authoritative bodies.

Course Accreditation

We deliver this course in partnership with the Celox Academy. The Celox Academy was established in 2015 to enable emergency responders to develop the skills and experience needed to perform in a hostile situation. As well as building confidence to overcome physical and mental strains and through best practice, save lives.

This course is CPD accredited and is worth seven credits. You will be presented with a CPD certificate when you complete this course.

This Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh endorse this course. The course complies with the teaching and educational standards of the Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care.

Teaching Methodology

The Celox External Haemorrhage Control- A Stepwise Approach course uses practical workshops, scenario-based learning and theory sessions to ensure that you have a deep understanding of the subject. During the course, you will confidently develop the skills to manage a catastrophic bleed. We use various high-quality resources to ensure that you have a realistic and engaging training experience.

You will receive a learner’s handbook and course handouts.

Course Assessment

Assessment is an integral part of learning to ensure your understanding and development of your skills. This course is assessed through practical observation. During the assessment, you will apply a tourniquet, demonstrate direct digital pressure and pack a wound using a haemostatic dressing.

Upon completing the course, your assessor will give you feedback on your performance and the following steps to cement your knowledge. You will be invited to review your performance and reflect on implementing your learning.

Upcoming Dates

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External Haemorrhage Control- A Stepwise Approach Course Syllabus

  • An overview of the circulatory system.
  • The different blood cells and their functions.
  • Understand the different types of bleeding.
  • How the blood coagulates.
  • The stepwise approach to managing haemorrhage.
  • How to manage a casualty with a non-catastrophic haemorrhage.
  • Know how to manage a casualty with a catastrophic haemorrhage.
  • Practical workshops using a variety of tourniquets.
  • Practical workshops using the Celox range of haemostats.
  • Recognise and manage a casualty who is suffering from hypovolaemic shock.

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